Eating Cheese in New York

2 Nov

After our jaunt through New England, we headed into New York City (thankfully before Sandy!!!) to take cheese classes (more on that in future posts) and eat cheese, of course.  Now, there are sooooo many awesome places to eat and buy cheese in New York.  This is just a tiny sample of the goodness to be had:

This was my first trip into the hipster haven of Williamsburg.  Yes, I ate vegan fried chicken.  AND, due to the recommendation of the gentleman at Consider Bardwell, I visited the Bedford Cheese Shop.  He promised they carry the finest selection of esoteric European cheeses and he did not lie.  This is the place to go if you want a “challenging” cheese or you are just looking for something new and different.

Look how cozy it is inside!


We also visited Mario Batali’s famous Eataly, a spectacular food emporium which you will NEED to eat your way through.  House-made pasta?  Check.  Vegetable butcher?  Check?  Aisles and aisles of Italian cheeses PLUS a cheese counter PLUS a dedicated mozzarella maker?  CHECK!

Probably my favorite cheese experience, though, was the new Murray’s Cheese Bar, which recently opened right next to their shop downtown.

So many cheese-themed items to eat, so little time.  Of course, there are these buffalo cheese curds.  Tasty, but I do prefer a straight-up cheese plate, of which we had two, deftly constructed  by the expert cheesemonger who also came to our table to explain all of the selections in detail.   Couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

I’m thinking maybe I need to do even more posts on where to eat cheese in New York, what do you think?

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One Response to “Eating Cheese in New York”

  1. Susan November 7, 2012 at 8:25 pm #

    Loved your information on eating in NY…hope to try these places.

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